Holiday in Brela - pearl of the Makarska Riviera in Dalmatia

We sincerely invite you to a flight over our small family-run guesthouse.

We are located in Brela-Stomarica, at the foot of Biokovo (1 m above sea level) and just a few steps to the beach. Anyone who ever had to climb up the steep slope after a tiring day on the sun with bag and sack, possibly with a child and buggy, will appreciate the proximity to the beach. For the lucky ones who did not have to do that, we can tell you, "it is murderously exhausting"!

You can get an overview of the pebble beaches in Brela via this video, starting with the Punta Rata beach, which Forbes magazine named one of the 10 most beautiful in the world in 2004:

Please take a also view at our photo gallery.

For the boat owners among you we would like to mention that moorings can be rented in the marina in Brela-Soline. For smaller boats, this is occasionally possible in our bay Stomarica. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your family Zelic


Stomarica is a district in Brela, a small tourist town on the Makarska Riviera. Brela has some riches to offer: crystal clear waters, a stretch of coastline with around 6 km of pebbly beaches, the smell and beauty of dense coniferous forest that is widely considered a protected cultural heritage, numerous walks that connect the waterfront promenade with old villages, that are proud of their old Dalmatian architecture, till up to the highest peaks of the Biokovo Mountains.


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The coastline of Brela stretches for around 6 km, so you can enjoy relaxing walks along the sea as well as one of the most beautiful natural pebble beaches on the Mediterranean. It is not easy to choose the most beautiful beach. The most famous is certainly the beach Dugi rat (Punta rata), which was chosen by the magazine Forbes in 2004 as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


In addition to many other excursion options, the trip with this speed boat offers an unforgettable experience - visit the old Dalmatian village 'Povlja' on the island of Brac and take a bath break in the nature park 'Vruja'.


"Sea, sea ..." are said to have proclaimed the Croats at Pass Dupci when they reached the Adriatic Sea. At this point, cliffs plunge from a depth over 100 m into the sea. The bay of Vruja is a huge spring system, with a remarkable sinking cave with a diameter of about 60 m, from which large amounts of water wells up.

Beach Punta Rata

One of the most beautiful pebble beaches in the world is located in a nature reserve, on a horn covered with a pine forest. In July 2004, Forbes magazine named this beach one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

Biokovo mountains

The oldest name for the Biokovo Mountains comes from the Greek and is Adrion. The mountain range divide Dalmatia on the coastal land and hinterland. The highest peak of Biokovo is Sv. Jure (1762 m).

Šuplja stina (hollow rock) oder Biokovsko oko (eye of Biokovo)

The Hollow Rock or the Eye of Biokovo is located on the top of Biokovo, above the town of Brela and is one of the many natural phenomena. It is an "eye" that have carved the hands of nature in the rocks of Biokovo, its peculiarity not only arouses admiration and astonishment among the native population.

Further excursion destinations

The list could be added a lot, you can find further excursions on


Aqua Aerobic and other activities are offered in Brela, you can find more information about dates on the website of the tourist office in their animation program. In addition, much more is possible:

    • bike (link)
    • Diving (link)
    • Snorkeling
    • Waterski / JetSki / Parasailing
    • Rent a Motorboat, for quicker boats is a driver licens needed (link)
    • Tennis (at the Hotel Soline)
    • Jogging / long walks
    • Hiking • Rafting at the Cetina
    • Kayaking (link)
    • just lie on the beach and do nothing ;-)


    Indulge your senses with the flavors and scents of Dalmatia and enjoy the carefully prepared dishes.

    Feel the magic of first-class olive oil and excellent wines. Olive oil is a symbol of a healthy, Mediterranean diet, but also a first-class gastronomic pleasure.

    Try the real Dalmatian "pršut" (Dalmatian prosciutto), feel the scent of the bora and the sea; Here he matures, in a way that our forefathers began many, many years ago.

    We wish you a pleasant stay in our holiday apartments!